2013 - 2014 Florida
  Public Lands Inventory
Canopy Road Sunshine Skyway Florida Blue Heron Paynes Prairie Manasota Key Florida Oak
 PLI Code Look-Up
 Agency Data by PLI Code
 Agency Data by County
 Parcels by S-T-R
 Agency Data by S-T-R
 Property by Parcel ID
 County Codes
 State Land Ownership
 Single Entity Totals
 Report Summaries
 Agency Response Form
 Explanation of Information
  • Summaries of Government Levels Ordered By County
  • Summaries of Governmental Agencies and Local Governments Ordered By County
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  •   Prepared for


    The State of Florida
    Department of Environmental Protection

    The Public Lands Research Program
    Florida Resources and Environmental Analysis Center
    Florida State University
    Tallahassee, Florida